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Growing Your Business During A Crisis

We are prepared for a lot of things as small business owners, whether it’s a seasonal shift in revenue or an unexpected absence of workers, we do what’s necessary and push forward. But we’ve never seen anything like the COVID-19 pandemic. People being chained to their houses for months on end. What a time to be alive.

Staying connected is more relevant than ever today, with people and businesses relying on social media to keep in contact with friends, keep up with the news and to be entertained.

We know this is a difficult time for people everywhere, but it can also be a time of innovation and growth.

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy, and that this article can help you with planning for business challenges by focusing on developing your skills to help your business grow.

Growing your Business During a Crisis

1. Keep your clients updated:

Whatever is happening in your industry, make sure to share it with your customers. After all, transparency is the key to building trust. You may send blasts of emails, share them on social media sites, or upload a video.

2. Find Opportunities:

Use this free time to think of innovative changes you can make to your business in the next few months, whether it be selling a new product, a different advertising campaign, or other changes. You will get to have your business rolling when we get out of this quarantine situation, and you’ll most likely feel more relaxed about all of this, knowing that you have great things lying ahead business-wise.

3. Upskill your staff:

Rather than recruiting more employees, you could train your current workers on additional skills that could make them more effective and efficient. There’s plenty of very affordable online courses, and these will allow them to focus on other areas of the business.

4. Run your business remotely:

You may already be operating remotely with your team or you may be planning for the possibility in the future. Use digital tools to help you and your team stay connected and productive from afar. Now is the time you can make them a customer for life.

5. Try to run Facebook Ads for your business:

If Facebook ads scare you, that’s completely fine. Not everything comes easy to people, as advertising can be a whole other world. There are plenty of agencies, (one of them being us here at Andrea Studios) who can run your Facebook Ads campaign. The process can be seamless, and get your business the exposure it desperately craves.


Please tell us your thoughts on these tips and leave a comment below! Wash your hands, be good to your loved ones, and stay safe!

Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi is the founder and CEO of Andrea Studios, an online marketing, website and branding design agency, based in NYC. She helps companies build, grow and profit from expanding an overall influencer brand backed by strategy and technology. Some of Andrea's clients: NYU Langone, PCH, Aesthete Medical Wellness & Medspa, Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics between others.

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