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Andrea Comuzzi in Grand Central Terminal in New York

Hi! I'm Andrea Comuzzi and my mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners build an overall influencer brand.

I’m a Brand Designer and Strategist that also happen to be a Web Developer / Web Designer with vast experience in Social Media and Online Marketing, Graphic Design and Printing.

I have more than 18 years of experience working as a freelancer (consultant) for several industries and clients like NYU Langone, Faculty Group Practice,  NYU Columbus Medical and Publishers Clearing House between others doing what I love.
I state those facts just to say that this is just some of my experience but the real SHIFT that truly made me love what I do and live on my own terms turning my passion into profit was when I understood how to be my OWN brand.

It IS possible to grow an amazing business on YOUR terms building an INFLUENCER brand.

Andrea Comuzzi