What really happens when you rebrand?

Rebranding can be a tedious process, but the rewards are amazing. But first, let’s think about some reasons why you should rebrand your business.

One reason could be because you current logo doesn’t stand out enough, and you don’t feel like your old look fits anymore. Another reason could be that you have a more clear view of who your target audience is. Maybe your goals and vision have changed, or maybe you feel like your brand does not reflect your business personality. Whatever the case may be, you’re ready to dive in and make some changes.

But what happens when you go through with it? How will people react? What is the process like for making these changes and how can you be prepared?

If this sounds like something you need to hear, then read on! We’ll break down what really goes into a rebranding effort and let you know what to expect when going through such a transformation of this magnitude.

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Most people think of a rebrand as something that happens on the outside, like changing your logo or colors. But I’m telling you:

Behind-the scenes is where the magic really happens!

4 things that will happen behind-the scenes when you rebrand


A clear, concise understanding of your mission – a deep understanding for yourself and those who listen. This is essential to the success of both you and those who follow.

Complete understanding of what drives everything about the brand, not just for yourself but also how it benefits your clients and followers!

A more personal connection with your audience

Let your brand shine with purpose and values. Allow your audience the opportunity to connect with them, which will make them want more of what you have got going on!

You will attract the people who are perfect for you, while pushing away those who aren't.

Have a consistently branded online presence that attracts ideal clients and opportunities.


You won't be shy about showing your personality and you'll know your unique voice and what exactly makes you distinctive. You will know what makes you special and how to share it with the world. You will feel more confident about showing up as yourself! No longer you will have to hide behind the scenes. When people see you they will be be impressed with your unapologetic self!


Your brand will earn the trust of your audience and you will communicate consistently across all touch points. Your clear and consistent message over time turns that familiarity into trust.

If your current brand is not working for you I can help with that! Let’s work together to come up with a new plan. You don’t need to do this alone–I’ll be there every step of the way as we explore what makes YOU so unique in today’s marketplace. Fill out the contact form in the Contact me page if you want to get started right away. We’ll look into why your current brand isn’t working for you and provide solutions to elevate your business to the next level by rebranding it from scratch.

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Andrea Comuzzi is the founder and CEO of Andrea Studios, an online marketing, website and branding design agency, based in NYC. She helps companies build, grow and profit from expanding an overall influencer brand backed by strategy and technology. Some of Andrea's clients: NYU Langone, PCH, Aesthete Medical Wellness & Medspa, Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics between others.

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