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10 Effective Content Ideas You Should Use Now in your business During Hard Times

Social media is becoming a more integral part of people’s lives this quarantine, as its where everything is happening. Make good use of your free time, and serve your audience with some great, fresh content.

Give them a reason to keep following you and being a loyal customer!

Let’s start our list:

fective content ideas you should use now in your business during TOUGH TIMES

Let's start our LIST of EFFECTIVE
content ideas:

1. Motivation:

What is life going to be like after this quarantine? And what have you accomplished despite of the Coronavirus? Your audience could use your help, as sharing any breakthroughs or inspiring ideas will surely lift their spirits. Pass some inspiration along!

2. Positivity:

Staying positive may be tough in a time like this, but making a post that highlights a positive mentality can be a huge confidence booster for anyone reading. All it takes is a little positivity to start someone on the fast track to productivity and/or relaxation!

3. Share Posts or Articles:

Come up with some fun distractions, as this is a gloomy situation we’re in. Comedic videos, or interesting anecdotes, maybe show your hobbies! These are all ways to help people take the edge off, and to show your creative side.

4- Set up advertising:

When you see or read something that makes you feel blissful, don’t be afraid to share it! This simultaneously shows support to your audience, and other accounts/businesses. Everybody wins!

5. Start a Daily or Weekly Blog:

Blogs are marvelous. Getting a peek into your personal life, or business life can be a great way to get your audience out of a negative headspace. Some ideas could be: A Food Blog – Start a cooking show or talk about your favorite foods An Entertainment Blog – Highlight your favorite TV shows and movies, and talk about what drew you to them. Maybe even show your reaction to certain episodes in a live video format. A Family Blog – Family life can be hilarious and interesting. Show off your relatives, or tell some funny stories!

6. Education:

Educational posts or articles are a surefire way to attract some attention, not just to you and your knowledge level, but to your business. Share what you’ve learned throughout your time as a business owner, or from your whole life/career.

7. Q&As:

Have some question-answer sessions on IG Live, your story, or post some FAQs on your page. This can help spark up conversation, which will help you take advantage of social media the right way.

8. Seasonal or Holiday Theme:

There’s always some type of holiday lurking around the corner. Even some of the not so mainstream ones like Happy Sibling Day, or Happy Dog Day can be some fun excuses to post. Provide your audience with some topical content!

9. Shoutouts:

Give a shoutout to a local business, or any business. Whether it be some great takeout you ordered, some furniture around the house, or any place you visited recently. Also, you can shout out pages on social media that you enjoy, to show your support.

10. Customer Reviews:

Ask a loyal or satisfied customer what made them that way. What made them happy to do business with you. It will make them feel important, while doing your social media a favor as well. Once again, everybody wins!


Get some new content out there today! Also, let us know if you had any ideas of your own in the comments below.

Picture of Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi is the founder and CEO of Andrea Studios, an online marketing, website and branding design agency, based in NYC. She helps companies build, grow and profit from expanding an overall influencer brand backed by strategy and technology. Some of Andrea's clients: NYU Langone, PCH, Aesthete Medical Wellness & Medspa, Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics between others.

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