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F A C E B O O K . T E X T . D E L I G H T

Facebook Animated comment triggers, Text Animations and Colored Text Are Called “Facebook Text Delight”.
Facebook Text Delight Words List 2018, Get the Complete List

Let's see the list of new Facebook Animated Comment Triggers:

1- 👍👍Rainbow Thumbs Up👍👍

The thumbs up emoji bounces along the bottom of your screen, leaving a colorful tail.
Activated by:
✅you got this
✅you’ve got this
✅you can do it

2- 👍👍Thumbs Up👍👍

A flurry of “thumbs up” emojis rocket across your screen
Activated by:

3- 💗💗Popup Hearts Effects💗💗

Small hearts float up from your screen
Activated by:
✅Besos y abrazos
✅Я люблю тебя
✅Я люблю вас
✅Kys og knus
✅Šaljem poljupce!
✅Um abraço
✅Грлим те

4- ⭐Flying Star⭐

Colorful shapes swirl together to form a star, before flying off the screen.
Activated by:
✅you’re the best

5- 🎉Colorful Confetti🎉

Two hands unfold, letting colorful shapes fly up the screen.
Activated by:
✅best wishes
✅Lovely time

6- 🎉Happy Face with Colorful Confetti🎉

A smiley face letting colorful shapes fly up the screen.
Activated by:

7- 🎈🎈Colourful balloons Effect🎈🎈

Colourful confetti and balloons pop up onto your screen
Activated by:
تهانينا مبارك✅
✅Мои поздравления
✅Til lykke
✅Paljon onnea
מזל טוב✅
✅Chúc mừng
✅Свака част
✅Tebrik ederim
✅बधाई हो
✅Herzlichen Glückwunsch
✅Baie geluk
✅Veels geluk
Try it out in your Facebook Comments and let me know if you liked it! 
And if you find any other animated comment please comment below too!
Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi

Andrea Comuzzi is the founder and CEO of Andrea Studios, an online marketing, website and branding design agency, based in NYC. She helps companies build, grow and profit from expanding an overall influencer brand backed by strategy and technology. Some of Andrea's clients: NYU Langone, PCH, Aesthete Medical Wellness & Medspa, Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics between others.

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