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Filing Immigration Services By Saidou Web Design and Development by Andrea Studios
Filing Immigration Services By Saidou logo designed by Andrea Studios

Filing Immigration Services

Saidu Ba came to Andrea Studios in need of a rebrand. He established Filing Immigration Services by Saidou in May 2017. Prior to establishing his company, he had gone through the immigration process himself. He draw on his experiences to help immigrants with their United States residency or naturalization applications. The new brand had to show his personality but also, how proud someone can be as a new USA resident.



Brand Design & Strategy, Web Design and Printing for Filing Immigration Services

custom web design & dev

custom web design & development

their problem

The first impression is everything and a Website is the center of the company’s online presence. They had an outdated Website that was not attracting the attention of potential clients and it was not fully functional. It was a basic Website made in vistaprint and the pages were not loading making the navigation through the pages very difficult. The Menus and links were minimal. There was no booking function or forms to get information from leads and nothing about how to follow them in social media or how reviews about patients which is a very important factor to convert potential clients into patients.

our solution

We rebuilt the Website in our fast hosting. We used WordPress and gave it a fully customized design that follows the branding guidelines. We incorporated Forms in strategic places to make it easy for customers to contact Saidou and leave reviews.

their gain

Customers judge a business by what they see in their Websites. In this digital time and age, a poorly designed Website is synonym of distrust. Without the possibility to  search for a service, find answers to questions or be able to easily contact the business online, it will surely turn customers away.

There was an immediate boost of engagement and converted leads.

print collateral

print collateral

Custom Design and Printing.