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Logo Comuzzi Accounting Designed By Andrea Studios

comuzzi accounting

turning vision into business success

Laura Comuzzi has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting from the Universidad de Belgrano. She grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. After graduating she started to help individuals and small business with bookkeeping, accounting, company registration, credit repair and taxes.

After that, she began working for some companies as a bookkeeper, staff accountant, seasonal tax preparer.

When Laura is not helping with your accounting questions, you will find her volunteering or home with the family.


She faced the challenge of any new business: establishing their brand name and reputation to be recognize as an expert with excellence and professionalism.

our solution

We built a brand that reflects Laura’s values, mission, purpose, goals and vision.

The brand message is clear: Comuzzi Accounting is dedicated to helping small business owners grow their companies through effective financial management. She has years of experience working with local small business and loves helping others achieve their financial goals.

The logo combines a monogram made of numbers and financial symbols.

Logo Comuzzi Accounting Designed By Andrea Studios



Comuzzi Accounting | Branding & Website by Andrea Studios
Comuzzi Accounting Full Branding Guide by Andrea Studios

custom web design & dev

custom web design & development

Comuzzi Accounting | Branding & Website by Andrea Studios

their problem

The first impression is everything and a Website is the center of the company’s online presence. ComuzziAccounting needed a Website to attract the attention of potential clients and build credibility.

our solution

We built a Website and gave it a fully customized design that follows the branding guidelines. We incorporated Forms in strategic places to make it easy for customers to contact ComuzziAccounting and leave reviews.

their gain

Customers judge a business by what they see in their Websites. In this digital time and age, a poorly designed Website is synonym of distrust. Without the possibility to  search for a service, find answers to questions or be able to book an appointment online, it will surely turn customers away.

There was an immediate boost of engagement and converted leads.

print collateral

print collateral

Custom Design and Printing.