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T-Shirts & Tank Tops:
1 $20, 2 $35
$3 USA – $10 Canada.
*add $3 shipping for every two shirts.
From size Small (4-6) to XXL (20-22). 
** prices are in US dollar.

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USA add $3 USD for every 2 shirts. Canada add $4 CAD for every two shirts starting at $10 USD/ $13 CAD.

T O  O R D E R:

1. Fill out the Order form.
2. Send payment to:
    Click Here: paypal.me/andreacomuzziservett
    Emal: AndreaComuzziServetto@gmail.com
    You can either choose Friends/Family option or if you are paying with credit card, there is a small fee to pay through PayPal of 2.7%. Please add it to cover the cost.
    Please use my personal profile @AndreaComuzziServetto
    There is an option (to send money)  through private message and they don’t charge a fee.

If you have any questions please private message me through facebook.com/AndreaComuzziServetto