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Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics


Dr Heather Evans came to Andrea Studios in need of rebrand. She was going to officially move to a new bigger location and she needed a new brand identity to reflect a new beginning.

The new brand had to stand out from the sea of other Aesthetic Practices

 to grow and monetize her new Medspa. She was going to open her Passion Project Medspa and she needed a new brand identity, Website, print collateral, social media presence, reputation management and online marketing.

The new brand had to show the love of Dr. Alcarez to her patients. That she wants them to be healthy from a medical (heart/body), and mental (mind) perspective which brings harmony to the self (spirit/zen/inner peace).


Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics Brand was outdated and was not reflecting their friendly & relaxing atmosphere of their practice. Their Website had an outdated design and didn’t have enough information about the Medspa which wasn’t attracting the attention of visitors.

our solution

We built a brand that reflects Dr. Heather Evans. The brand message is clear: she wants her patients to be healthy from a medical (heart/body) and mental (mind) perspective which brings harmony to the self (spirit/zen/inner peace).

We changed the name 3 times until we got the right one that has a “professional” expert doctor feel, that still evoke high end aesthetics.

The logo combines a lotus symbolizing enlightenment, purity, rebirth, and triumph over obstacles with a face to communicate beauty and aesthetics.

The typography is slender to match the healthier look they are trying to achieve by doing body fat burning and skin tightening.

The color palette and texture is inspired by luxury featuring White Marble, Rose Gold and shades of teal.

Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics Watermark Designed By Andrea Studios



Tensegrity Health & Aesthetics Branding Style Guide Designed By Andrea Studios

social media

social media

video production - ads - lead gen

video production - Ads - lead generation

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custom web design & dev

custom web design & development

their problem

The first impression is everything and a Website is the center of the company’s online presence. They had an outdated Website that was not attracting the attention of potential clients and it was not fully functional. The pages were not loading making the navigation through the pages very difficult. The Menus and links were minimal. There was no booking function or forms to get information from leads and nothing about how to follow them in social media or how reviews about patients which is a very important factor to convert potential clients into patients.

our solution

We rebuilt the Website and gave it a fully customized design that follows the branding guidelines. We incorporated Forms in strategic places and Booking system to make it easy for customers to book appointments and leave reviews. We incorporated a Patient Reviews module showcase to support credibility and lastly, we built an Online Consultation System where users can find the best fitting procedures for their cosmetic concerns. First, they select the area/s of concern/s. Then they click on the cosmetic concern. They receive confidential treatment recommendations immediately after completing the Online Consultation, and an email with those recommendations so they can review in the future.

their gain

Customers judge a business by what they see in their Websites. In this digital time and age, a poorly designed Website is synonym of distrust. Without the possibility to  search for a service, find answers to questions or be able to book an appointment online, it will surely turn customers away.

There was an immediate boost of engagement and converted leads.

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email signature

email signature

HTML Custom Email Signature Design and setup in Laptop, Cellphone and Patient Management Software.

print collateral

print collateral

Custom Design and Printing.

Gift Certificates

Business Cards


trifold brochures

packaging & Hang tags

100% pure Essential oils

door decal